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GUITAR LESSONS Chattanooga, TN, 

  • Private Guitar Lessons Available In Chattanooga, Tn.
  •  Online Guitar Lessons Available Via Zoom

   My name is Chris Graham, I am located in Chattanooga, TN.  I have over 17 years experience teaching guitar lessons. I work with students of all different skill levels including brand new beginners all the way through advanced.

My main focus is to always understand a students desired goals and areas of playing they are hoping to improve and grow in. Once specific goals and direction are established I create custom lessons and plans to help each student achieve their individual musical goals. 


 I understand growing as a musician is not always easy and can be frustrating.  I hope to eliminate some of the frustration along the way by providing positive encouraging feedback while implementing  practical and efficient ways of improving techniques and overall learning. I'm a firm believer that learning to play guitar should be fun, exciting and inspiring. I try to carry this  into every lesson.

Common Topics Covered In Lessons

  • Basics -- guitar parts, neck notes, hand positions, sitting positions, etc.

  • Finger Exercises -- for building the dexterity needed to play.

  • Chords -- the building blocks for songs

  • Learning Songs -- chosen by you, not me.

  • Scales

  • Music theory -- understanding the 'language' of music.  

  • Song writing & Composing 

  • Standard Notation Reading 

  • Ear Training

  • How to "Learn and Play by Ear"

  • Rhythm Playing

  • Lead Playing

  • Composing Solos

  • How to Improvise

  • Understanding  Guitar Tones -- Pickups, Effects Pedals, Amps, Etc..

  • How To Record Guitars -- Micing techniques, performance tips and tricks

  • Live Performance Preperation


General Information

 Standard 1/2 hour weekly lessons-- 4 week block                          $115

Two people sharing 1/2 hour lesson spot -- 4 week block               $170   (2nd person 1/2 price)

10 Week New Student Starter Package -- 10 week block                 $230

(20% Discount)

Traveling to your location, Custom Lesson Length : Availability Rates and TBD in consultation



The Pickers Exchange 

Guitar Shop 

4316 Ringgold Rd.

East Ridge, TN, 





For Questions or to Schedule Lessons

Send a message below!


Thank you for reaching out! I look forward to discussing how I may best serve you in achieving your musical goals.

I Will be in touch shortly!


I look forward to discussing  how I may best serve you in achieving your guitar playing goals!


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