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Online Remote Recording

 Being able to record from my home studio is a very cost effective solution for studios, producers and artists alike.  I use top notch profesional gear with a wide variety of guitars, amps, FX, microphones, mic pres, and plugins in order to create high quality professional tracks that can take your recording project to the next level.  I can capture pretty much any classic vintage tones and sounds from the 60's all the way up through todays current modern innovative sounds.



  I am easy to work with and  extremely versatile and knowledgeable.  My main goal is to make sure that you get exactly what you’re looking for. If there's a particular sound or vibe that you want for a song I am happy to experiment with you until it sounds just right. Even if you're not sure how to describe what you're looking for whether it's catchy "hook" based parts, "grooving" in the pocket rhythm parts, riffs, melodies, single note lead lines, shredding face melting solos, slow soulful solos, acoustic strumming, acoustic textures, acoustic fingerpicking, ambient guitar parts, atmospheric layers, all the way into....loops, synths, pads, programmed percussion, programmed instruments etc....

If the track takes a little longer to finish than planned, that's fine, "within reason". Whatever it takes to do your music justice.


How it Works


  • Once we have established the direction and artistic vision of your project and established a price and project timeline, you will send me the wav. file in the sample rate of your projects session.

  • I will send back a preveiw mp3 of ideas and parts.

  • You give feedback and direction for any revisions


  •  NOTE  -  Sometimes it can take a  few times going back and forth before the part and tone is what you are looking for. I am ok with this. In these cases I prefer  Skype calls to make this process as quick and efficient as possible.


  • Once you are satisfied with the revisions you will receive a PayPal invoice. After payment is received, you can download your tracks!



Additional info

  •  Turn around time will be established during initial consultation. Usually 24-48 hours depending on the size and demands of your project.

  • Pre-production can be discussed via email, phone or Skype.  This is a chance to communicate any additional thoughts and ideas on how your song takes shape.  After this step, tracking can begin.


  • If you prefer I can provide both "wet" and "dry" versions of guitar tracks as well as a D.I. track for reamping, in order to give you maximum flexibility when it comes to your final mix. An additional fee may be required for this service depending on the number of additional tracks but will be negotiated before work begins.

  • In most cases I require a 50% upfront to begin and the additional 50% before finished tracks are available for download

  • . Please provide the correct bit-depth, sample rate and BPM of your session.

  • Please do not send your entire session over.  Please send only a stereo mixdown of your session or a few separate stems (Drums, Bass, Scratch Guitar, Synth, Keys Vocal) to make workflow much easier.


  • Your stems or track should start at the absolute beginning of the song session so everything lines up when you import my tracks (1:01:000). Feel free to include guide guitar tracks, chord charts and any reference tracks you may have. Files can be either .mp3, .wav or .aiff

  • Please make sure that all or most plugins are INACTIVE on the master bus before exporting stems.

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